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Challenge Course:

Broaden the Skills that will last you a lifetime

Comprehensive challenge course for leadership, team building and decision making training. Our program coordinator is certified by Experiential Systems, which is accredited by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), a trade organization serving challenge course professionals all over the world. With a full-time, experienced and certified coordinator and staff, we have all the training resources your company or organization needs. There are many elements in our state-of-the-art challenge course, please check our list of challenges below for more information.

Criss Cross Challenge

Criss Cross:

Two members traverse on cables that create an "x" with the aid of their peer group. The Criss Cross allows creativity in problem solving, and promotes trust and cohesion within the group.

Swinging Log Challenge

Swinging Log:

Participants walk across the moving suspended log by using peer support. Members receive a heightened sense of physical self and group support from this activity.

Porthole Challenge


Members pass each other in the group up and through the suspended tire. They achieve a higher level of support and trust from the group.

Spider's Web Challenge

Spider's Web:

The objective is to get the whole group from one side of the spider's web to the other without touching the "web". The activity demonstrates the group's ability to deal with potential success and failure.

Fall From Height Challenge

Fall From Height:

Participants fall backwards from a platform into the arms of the group. People develop a greater sense of trust and begin to deal with the effects of perceived risk.

T.P. Shuffle Challenge

T.P. Shuffle:

This activity arranges the group in a sequential line without stepping off the pole. Members feel comfortable with helping each other and accepting help from others.

Blind Maze Challenge

Blind Maze:

The group is blindfolded, led to a maze of rope, then, asked to find the exit. The objective is listening to specific instructions, trust, and problem solving that requires out-of-the-box thinking.

Whale Watch Challenge

Whale Watch:

The entire group must balance a platform for a set amount of time determined by the group. The Whale Watch allows for group problem solving, conflict management, and is an exercise in goal setting.

The Muse Challenge

The Muse:

In this activity the group moves from block to block using three (3) boards of various lengths. Leaders emerge and group members begin to take on specific roles within the team. It heightens awareness of the groups strengths.

Nitro Crossing Challenge

Nitro Crossing:

Participants pass over an imaginary canyon transporting a container full of nitroglycerin (water). Objectives include dealing with success and failure, realizing and accounting for individual differences, examining effective communication skills, and dealing with sudden changes in plans.

Bosun's Chairs Challenge

Bosun's Chairs:

Members use a series of rope swings to traverse a defined area. They learn to rely on others for help, and achieve a sense of personal accomplishment and accountability.

Team Wall Challenge

Team Wall:

Using all the members of the group the group must get everyone up and over the wall. Clear communication, cooperation and physical and emotional support are learned in this activity.

Inclined Log Challenge

Inclined Log:

Members support each other on an inclined log.